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Cutty Bang Comedy Cabaret Show

Check out the line up for the Cutty Bang Cabaret Show at Whole Latte Love:

Thom Bee – a Manchester based comedian. A “sickeningly enthusiastic” life long professional show off who just wants to make you laugh.★★★★★

Liam Elcoat – ‘Award-winning’ comedian. Yorkshire Fringe Act of the Year 2016 semi-finalist, described as ‘clever nonsense’, ‘quirky offbeat comedy’ & ‘heartwarming stuff’ ★★★★★

Andrew Flood – delivers classic ‘old school’ style material with a refreshing mix of intelligence and cynicism. A very deliberate act who invites audience enthusiasm with his complete commitment to his ideas and content.” ★★★★★

Chris Stewart – aka ‘the master in alabaster’ ★★★★★
when in action will have audiences sat back aghast to personal revelations. The thinking man’s Daniel Kitson was last seen shooting down an audience interruption with a torrent of sedimentary rock-based put down’s without missing a beat.

Greg Husband – his distinctive style of apocalyptic, yet deeply humanised humour establishes the transcendentally effective light-dark/light-dark dynamic as his very own. Sure to spawn a generation of imitators. ★★★★★

JP McQue – ‘a poor man’s vic reeves’ Noel Fielding ★★★★★
currently crowdfunding his one man rendition of the crying game..

Dominic Harris Jr. – ‘a ‘compelling oddball’ ‘ ★★★★★
the Tormund Giantsbane of stand up comedy, sesquipedalian observations served through a vacuum cleaner.