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Nick Heyward

8:00pm Doors

Tickets (£22.50): 01642 525 199

Singer-songwriter and all round pop / new wave legend Nick Heyward is coming to ARC Stockton as part of his new UK tour.

Fronting Haircut 100, Nick’s first stint into the industry burnt briefly and brightly – the ultimate group of pals who, within 1 year in the early 80’s hit the big time. It finished as quickly as it began, the band parted ways and Nick’s first solo album, North Of A Miracle, was released in September 1983. A production masterpiece (by Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick) that bore the classic singles Blue Hat For a Blue Day and Whisper Down The Wind.

Across Nick’s career he’s supported Wham! at Wembley at their farewell shows and released a string of charming hit records. He’s played the record company game across the years – Warner and Sony have sought him out and when Alan McGee was flush with Oasis cash in the late 90s and wanted Creation Records to sign his personal faves, Nick Heyward was at the top of that list.

In recent years Nick teamed up with Pledge Music, to allow him to speak directly to his audience, who have made his brand new album Woodland Echoes a reality.

Nick has had more than his fair share of adulation in the past – Danny Baker raved about Pelican West in NME, and Nick pulled off the remarkable feat of being feted simultaneously by Smash Hits and The Face.

‘This feels to me like the first part of a solo career,’ Nick says. ‘I don’t really see it as solo, I just make music, I want to do it properly and it’s taken me years to get to this point.’

It’s a treat to have Nick Heyward back making premium pop music. He once told Smash Hits ‘I want to make the kind of LP you can wrap up and give as a present. No duff tracks at all, just 12 shining singles’… In 2017, with Woodland Echoes, he has finally achieved his goal.

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